There aren’t a lot of secrets to making good sorbet: a mixture of fruit, sugar, and… whatever else. Good sorbets come from good fruit. It’s simple, so quality matters. While I’m interested in trying sorbets from non-traditional ingredients, this guide focuses on using fruit. 1 lb. fruit (in this case I used .5 lb strawberries […]

BLT Tartine

One of my favorite cookbook authors is Patricia Wells (and the other has to be Dorie Greenspan). In her book, Salad as a Meal, she focuses on interesting salads and this recipe was included, although, technically, it’s an open-faced sandwich. Grill or toast a piece of excellent sourdough bread. I like Billy Bread. She calls […]

Headphones and the iPhone

The geek in me appreciates gadgetry. I have bought a lot of Apple equipment (my first, which my parents bought me, was the Apple //e, with a green monitor, and the DuoDisk drive for writing to two floppies at once). And the one thing I was on the fence about, what today seems, is the […]


So I know it might be the tourist-y thing to do, but I’d heard about this place from guidebooks and from folks on TV, like Ina Garten. Berthillon supposedly had the, and I quote, “best ice cream in the world.” It was enough to make me try it. During my last trip, in the summer […]

VMFA—Richmond, Virginia

The art museum in Richmond, Virginia has changed a lot since I moved to capital of Virginia, about twenty years ago. Since then, they have a new addition, which now serves as the entry point for visitors. There’s a really decent restaurant, Amuse, on the top floor, that overlooks open space behind the museum. And […]