In college I took a music history course and it just so happened that our professor was an expert on the music of an Italian baroque composer named Claudio Monteverdi. We ended up spending a lot of time on early Italian baroque music and I can still remember the lectures about the Gonzagas, the Medici, […]

Domaine de Chantilly

Most people probably think of sweet, whipped cream when you hear the word “Chantilly.” (Or else, the town in northern Virginia.) It took my some time, really, to think about a movie I liked and to do a little research. I’ve been a fan of the 007-James Bond movies since I was a kid; it […]


This town plays no significance to what any of us may know or think of France. It’s so small that even French people—at least those whom I spoke to—shook their head. “Where is that? Ambronay?” The truth is that it’s located in Ain, seemingly halfway between Switzerland on one side and say, Mâcon, to the […]

Knowing by Doing

This past week I have been supervising the hand-out of new 1:1 technology to our students. It isn’t the first time I’ve done this, but this year I wanted to take a particularly strong hands-on role with the roll-out or deployment, as we call it, of devices. I did several introductions to high school students, […]


There aren’t a lot of secrets to making good sorbet: a mixture of fruit, sugar, and… whatever else. Good sorbets come from good fruit. It’s simple, so quality matters. While I’m interested in trying sorbets from non-traditional ingredients, this guide focuses on using fruit. 1 lb. fruit (in this case I used .5 lb strawberries […]

BLT Tartine

One of my favorite cookbook authors is Patricia Wells (and the other has to be Dorie Greenspan). In her book, Salad as a Meal, she focuses on interesting salads and this recipe was included, although, technically, it’s an open-faced sandwich. Grill or toast a piece of excellent sourdough bread. I like Billy Bread. She calls […]

Headphones and the iPhone

The geek in me appreciates gadgetry. I have bought a lot of Apple equipment (my first, which my parents bought me, was the Apple //e, with a green monitor, and the DuoDisk drive for writing to two floppies at once). And the one thing I was on the fence about, what today seems, is the […]