One of my favorite cookbook authors is Patricia Wells (and the other has to be Dorie Greenspan). In her book, Salad as a Meal, she focuses on interesting salads and this recipe was included, although, technically, it’s an open-faced sandwich.

Grill or toast a piece of excellent sourdough bread. I like Billy Bread.

Salad in a bowl
Mix together chopped tomatoes, lettuce, bacon, and the dressing before topping the bread.

She calls for making a creamy dressing, and calls for not going with mayonnaise, despite that recipe being a page away from this dressing. She calls for mixing yogurt with lemon juice, then lemon salt (lemon zest mixed with salt). I added chives and piment d’espelette to that. It’s creamy without a lot of guilt.

With the dressing, mix good quality chopped tomatoes, lettuce, and crumbles of freshly-crisped bacon. Top it all onto the bread. Easy.

You can be American and pick it up, crunching into it, recognizing familiar flavors. Or, be more French, and use a fork and knife. Makes an excellent first course.