John Hendron is an education leader with expertise in improving outcomes for learners through deeper learning.

John Hendron, July 2019, Goochland, Virginia

I currently reside in the metro-Richmond area of Virginia and am employed as an public school education leader. Above all else, I value creativity and look for creative solutions to problems. I am author of the well-received 2008 book published by the ISTE press: RSS for Educators: Blogs, Newsfeeds, Podcasts and Wikis in the Classroom. I am a pioneer in the use of blogs and podcasts in K-12 education.

I attended Avon Lake High School—Ohio (1992), the University of Rochester—New York (1996), Case Western Reserve University—Cleveland, Ohio (1999), Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University—Blacksburg, Virginia (2005), and Virgina Commonwealth University—Richmond, Virginia (2014). In addition to my experience in the field of education, I have experience in photography, graphic design, music composition and performance, and web design.

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